CI Operator Internals

A detailed view of some aspects of the ci-operator implementation, intended for developers working on its source code.

This section describes in detail some aspects of the implementation of ci-operator and associated programs, with the intent of serving as an auxiliary guide for developers working with the openshift/ci-tools repository.

Execution graph

ci-operator is at its core a task scheduling program. The input configuration is processed and used to build a task graph, which is then executed until completion, failure, or interruption. Thus, the execution flow of ci-operator can be divided in these major phases:

  1. input processing
  2. task graph creation
  3. task graph execution
  4. cleanup

In the code base, these phases correspond to the following modules in the pkg directory:

  • api: Go types used by all phases
  • load: I/O operations for types
  • registry: configuration resolution using the step registry
  • config: input configuration processing
  • validation: input configuration validation
  • defaults: mapping from inputs to tasks
  • steps: definitions for each task type, task execution


A description of the various ci-operator task types.