This section explains the basic architecture of the Openshift CI

Branch Protection

An overview of the integration between OpenShift CI and GitHub branch protection.

Bugzilla Integration

An overview of the integration of Bugzilla with the Openshift CI

Centralized Release Branching and Config Management

How OCP component repositories have their content and configuration managed centrally.

CI Operator

An overview of the architecture of ci-operator, the OpenShift CI workflow engine.

CI Operator Internals

A detailed view of some aspects of the ci-operator implementation, intended for developers working on its source code.

Cloud Quota Handling and Leases

An overview of cloud compute quotas and aggregate concurrency limits for CI jobs.

Extending OpenShift Release Gates

An overview of how CI jobs are configured to gate OpenShift releases and how these configurations can be changed.

Handling Job Timeouts and Interruptions

An overview of job execution timeouts, how to configure them and what the test workload is expected to do when handling them.

Multi-Stage Tests and the Test Step Registry

An overview of how multi-stage tests and the step registry make complex, DRY CI job definitions possible.

OCP Builder Images

An overview of the building process of CI images and productized images.

Private Repositories and Fixing Embargoed CVEs

An overview of the workflows surrounding embargoed CVEs and private repository forks.


An overview of the retester implementation.