Useful Links

Useful links to build farm clusters, hosted services, CI APIs and human contacts.


The clusters that currently comprise CI are:

    Except the ones not managed by DPTP, Red Hat SSO is enabled to login onto these clusters. GitHub Users in OpenShift organization who have no Red Hat SSO can still use Prow services to do CI tasks but they cannot login into these clusters.


    Below is a non-exhaustive list of CI services.


    DPTP maintains several means of contact:

    • Slack
      • #announce-testplatform: general announcements and outages. Usage is limited to the DPTP team, please do not post messages there.
      • #forum-testplatform: general queries and discussion for the test platform. For general assistance, ping @dptp-helpdesk. For reporting an outage, ping @dptp-triage.
      • #4-dev-triage: queries and discussion for CI issues that are not caused by the test platform.
      • #forum-release-controller: queries and discussion for the release-controller, responsible for generating Openshift release/update payloads and displaying the release status pages.
    • Jira