How To's

This section contains How To’s for various tasks

Add a Job to TestGrid

How to add a new job to a TestGrid page and how this designation relates to release gating configuration.

Add a New Cluster Profile

How to add a cluster profile to the test platform.

Adding a New Secret to CI

How to self-service manage secret data provided to jobs during execution.

Adding and Changing Step Registry Content

How to contribute or change the content of the step registry.

Contributing CI Configuration to the openshift/release Repository

How to self-service contribute or change configuration for jobs or the broader CI system.

Creating a Cluster Pool

How to create a cluster pool from which a job can claim a cluster.

Interacting With CI Image Registries

How to interact with the CI image registries, set up service account access and interact with images for a specific job.

Interacting With Running CI Jobs

How to interact with jobs currently running on the CI cluster for your pull requests.

Migrating CI Jobs from Templates to Multi-stage Tests

How to self-service migrate jobs from using the deprecated Template approach to the multi-stage system.

Mirror an Image to an External Registry

How to mirror an image built in the CI system out to an external registry.

Onboarding a New Component for Testing and Merge Automation

How to onboard a new component repository to the CI system for testing and merge automation.

Overriding Failing CI Jobs

How and when to override a failing CI job in order to allow a pullrequest to merge

Receive PR Review Request Reminders

Configure open PR review request reminders for yourself and your team for the repositories you care about

Set Up RBACs on CI Clusters

How to set up RBACs on CI clusters.

Set Up Slack Alerts for Periodic Job Results

How to set up alerting to Slack for a CI job.

Testing Operators Built With The Operator SDK and Deployed Through OLM

How to configure tests for a component that is deployed as an operator through OLM.

Using External Images in CI

How to mirror external images to the CI environments for use in jobs.

Viewing job artifacts

How to investigate the execution and outcome of a CI job using the artifacts directory.