Receive PR Review Request Reminders

Configure open PR review request reminders for yourself and your team for the repositories you care about

What is pr-reminder?

pr-reminder is a tool created to notify contributors of active PR review requests requiring their attention. It utilizes a config containing your team’s: kerberos ids, github team names, and repositories to find active PR review requests for each team member. PRs that either: have a review requested from the user, are assigned to the user, or have a review requested from one of the configured teams are selected. It then gathers useful information about each PR and sorts them into an easy to analyze digest delivered via Slack daily. The tool is currently run under a periodic job titled periodic-pr-reminder, and is set to run each weekday at 8 am UTC.

example pr-reminder output

How to configure it for your team

The configuration for pr-reminder is located in the openshift/release repo under clusters/ Adding the configuration for a specific team is as simple as adding an entry to the teams list for the team:

- teamMembers: # kerberos ids for members of the configured team
  - usera
  - userb
  teamNames: # github slug(s) representing the team (utilized for determining when a team is requested to review a PR)
  - gh-team-slug
  - another-slug
  repos: # the repos for which PRs will be gathered
  - openshift/some-repo
  - kubernetes/a-repo

Configuration details

  • A team doesn’t need to contain more than one member if an individual has different repositories that they care about.
  • A teamMember can also be configured on more than one team, and their resulting digest will include PRs from each team they are configured under.
  • Private repos can be added to the configuration as long as the openshift-ci-robot is a repo collaborator or an org member in the repo’s org.
  • A presubmit check exists to verify that all the necessary conditions are met.
Last modified September 7, 2022: add info about how PRs are selected (2b16101)